01 Jun

Top 5 Twitter Tools To Track Unfollowers

track twitter unfollowers


Being unfollowed or unliked is a part of Social Networks. You can’t run away from this and you should not take this personally. But at least you can find out who unfollowed you on Twitter with the help of various tools and work on specific areas to decrease your unfollowers.

track twitter unfollowers

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Check out Top 5 Twitter Tools To Track or find out Unfollowers:

1) Who.unfollowed.me

Easily find who unfollowed you on Twitter with this tool. You can also check who is not following you back. You can choose to tweet about your unfollowers by clicking on ‘tweet this’ button.

2) Unfollowers.me

Unfollowers.me lets you know who has unfollowed you on twitter via email or tweet notification. You can also use advance features such as block or unblock any users easily from your dashboard, compare users, autofollow your followers, send DM to multiple users, invite multiple users to follow you & many more.

3) Fllwrs

The fllwrs app tracks for changes in your Twitter followers over time. You can choose to tweet automatically about your unfollowers.

4) Friendorfollow

Find out who unfollowed you, who is not following you back or whom you are not following back.

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5) UseQwitter

If you do not want to receive instant or daily notifications about your unfollowers, UseQwitter is the best service to receive a weekly E-Mail of all your unfollowers on Twitter.



  • If you actually take the time to worry about numbers of people following you rather than keeping up a healthy communication level with people with common interests you’ve got a bigger problem than most. Your follower count shouldn’t be your livelihood, and tools that let paranoid people tweet and “guilt trip” people that unfollow them are really stupid. (unless they suggest seeing a therapist after a few of what can be perceived as really nasty tweeting behavior!)

    • Thanks for commenting Codizzo. But the point here is to find out people who are un-following you and work upon things that you’re doing wrong. Because as a business, you surely won’t like to lose followers or can say future prospects.

  • jukk888

    tweepdash works for me