12 Jun

Top 7 Websites To Check Duplicate Content ( Plagiarism Checker )

Check duplicate content or Plagiarism checker


“Content is the King” but it is very difficult these days to safeguard your content from being copied and used by other sites. We spend hours and hours of our time brainstorming that idea and writing down about it and someone steals out content without even giving us any credit. Plagiarism is a serious issue for bloggers. But with the help of various tools, you can find out if your content is being copied or not. These tools also helps you to find out whether guest article submissions on your website are original or not. All these tools are free to use with the paid version also available for more services.

Check duplicate content or Plagiarism checker

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1) Copyscape

The best tool to check duplicate content. You can check whether you content is being copied or not free of cost for up to 50 searches for a website per month. Just copy the URL in the search box of Copyscape, and it will search the web copies of your page, and how much per cent of content is same on different web pages.
You can also try premium services to check the originality of your content even before publishing it. Charges are 5c per search.

2) Similar Page Checker

To compare two different pages or URL’s, you can use this free tool. You can also try Duplicate content to compare two URLs.

3) DupliChecker

Just enter the text in the search box and this tool will search all the URL’s containing that text. You can try Plagiarisma for the same function.

4) Copygator

It is an amazing tool to keep an eye on your feeds. Just add your feed URL and it will automatically watch similar posts on the entire blogosphere. You can then read the detail overview of your feed.

5) Plagium

Another great tool where you can check URL or text for copied content.

6) Article Checker

Check articles and website pages for content duplication.

7) Google Search

You can also search copies of your content by using Google search tool. Just enter the text and fill in various additional details and Google will return pages containing that content.