23 Aug

Twitter introduces “Image Galleries”


In a recent update, Twitter introduced Photo galleries where an user can aggregate all its images which have been uploaded on the Twitter Profile into an organized page which will display up to 100 most recent images in your Tweets, in chronological but will only include images after January 1, 2010.

The images included in user photo galleries can come from Twitter, yFrog, TwitPic, Instagram and other image sharing services supported in Twitter’s details pane.

The User Galleries will not show tweets with video links in User Galleries.

User Galleries Profile View: The User galleries can be found on the user profile page.

twitter galleries

User Galleries Grid View: It will show the thumbnails of all images.

twitter galleries grid view

User Galleries Detail View:
It will show the recent image with the tweet displayed below it and thumbnails of other images above it.

twitter user galleries

Users can also easily remove the images by simply deleting the respective tweets.
Twitter also points out that if your images appear black, it means content partners’ servers are overloaded as the feature is still in testing phase.

I believe it’s a great move by the Twitter management as it will give users one more reason to come on the website apart from just 140 words’ tweet as photos are the important part of a social network. This continues the improvement in every social networking site to tackle the competition arising out of Google Plus after Facebook also added Video chat and some changes in interface layout.




  • Wow, that’s brrzaie. How did you even come across this? Poking around Google’s index of twitter or something? 🙂