18 Jul

Unfriend Finder – Find who has removed you on Facebook


unfriend finder

Facebook is the number one social networking site with more than 800 million users. Though facebook keeps improving its features and services but there is one feature which was always missing that how to find friends who has removed you on facebook and how to check pending friend requests. Now this problem is solved by Unfriendfinder.

Unfriend Finder is a simple script that provides all its users to know which one of their friends are unfaithful and removed you from their friend list.
Once the script added, you will be able to discover which of you friends has removed you and which of your friend has accepted your request.

Instructions on how to download the Unfriend finder:

For Firefox Users:

Users first need to Install this Greasemonkey Script.
Then download Unfriend Finder.

For Chrome Users:

Simply Download the Unfriend Finder.

Once installed, you will see two new features in Facebook.
There will be an “Unfriends” tab on the top-right corner of your screen near “Home” tab and an “Unfriends” option in your “Favorites” list.

Whenever someone unfriends you, the script will inform you through notification.

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