05 Feb

Verify your WordPress Site in Single Click with ‘Google Site Verification Plugin’

Google webmaster Verification Plugin

For webmasters with self-hosted WordPress blogs, now you can easily verify your website for webmaster tools and other google services with official ‘Google Site Verification Plugin”.

This plugin verify your blog with Google with only a couple clicks!
There is no need to copy & paste code anymore; this plugin automates the entire verification process.

Once your blog is verified, you can then view search statistics and diagnostic information for your blog in Google Webmaster Tools or use a growing number of other Google services.

You can install it directly from the “Install Plugins” control panel in your WordPress blog, or you can download the ZIP file from the WordPress plugin site.
This plugin can only be used by self-hosted WordPress blogs; it can’t be installed on blogs hosted on wordpress.com.

With verified ownership of your site in Webmaster Tools, you can receive specific statistics and information (e.g. relevant search queries, malware notices) about your site directly from Google.

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