27 Jan

What To Do If You Fall Victim to a Facebook Scam [ Help Guide ]

facebook scam security

As Tony Snow said, “The real sin with Social Security is that it’s a long-term rip-off & a short-term scam”. No doubt, Facebook is one of the most secure site in the world but still it is full of scams which creates lot of problems for the users.

You might come across many types of scams on Facebook such as “ Chuck Norris dies at age 71! Not a Joke”, “Lady Gaga found dead in Hotel Room”, “Click here to find out who visits your profile”, etc.
If you fall victim to any of these scams, it can compromise your password and other secret information or you may find out that you are posting automatically on your facebook friends’ walls.

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If you find that you’ve been scammed, follow the following steps immediately to save yourself from further embarrassment:

1) First delete the offending application. For that Go to Account – Privacy Setting – Apps & Websites – Edit Settings – Find out that App and Delete It.
2) Then delete any posts that the offending app has made it in your name.
3) Alert your friends that you have been scammed.
4) Delete your entire history of the browser (i.e. cookies, cache, browsing history, etc.) all at once.

But in case if you find out that your password has been hacked, go to this Facebook Help Page and follow the instructions immediately.