25 Jul

How Much Is Apple Worth?

Worth of Apple

Have you ever wondered how much is Apple worth? Apple market cap is around $600 billion in 2012. It is worth a lot of things in the world.
For example,
– 364 Space Shuttles.
– 257 Manchester Uniteds or 364 New York Yankees. Actually, Apple can buy all the sports team in the world.
– 73 London Olympics.

Take a look at this Inforgraphic to find out more:

Worth of Apple

Source: www.macformat.com

You can also check out this Tumblr Blog which states interesting facts about “Things Apple is worth more than” in the world.
For example,
– Apple is worth more than all the illegal drugs in the world.
– The Star Wars, Harry Potter, Twilight, Stephen King, and Star Trek Franchise Combined.
– Double the entire US Clothing Store Business.

In 2011, Apple’s total sales were $128 billion. That is, more than the GDP of 160 countries combined around the world.
Check out this Infographic to find out more fascinating facts about Apple.

worth of apple infographic